Superbad Racing

Supercat Extreme (Class 1)
Base Sydney, New South Wales
Driver Ryan Coleman
Throttleman Steve Jellick
Boat Manufacturer Maritimo
Engines Mercury 750HP V8 Inboards x 2

Superbad Racing

Honey, I bought a boat! And not just any boat, either. How about a twin V8 powered Supercat Extreme. Go big or go home huh.

Ryan Coleman is the Driver with Steve Jellick on the throttles for this new team, and you just have to love it when your crew chief is called McLovin. Nice work. None the less, this Maritimo built, carbon fibre enhanced, thunder machine runs the 510 cubic inch big block monsters with straight through exhaust. Yes, they’ll know you’re coming!

A wonderful crew with smiles all round, especially from the shore crew with a glass of rosé in hand. Coleman knows a lot about speed, having competed in the 1000cc Superbikes, and Jellick absolutely knows the pointy end from the blunt when it comes to boats.

Do we love Superbad? In a word, yes! A competitive spirit lurks in there, not too far under the comedic exterior, and they’re as welcoming as they are keen to get back out there and race.

Well done to Rycol, DIA Grind, and Flite School Noosa for helping Superbad compete in the 2023 Offshore Superboat Championship