Supercat Extreme
Base Sydney
Driver Mat Humphrey, Max Andrews
Throttleman Simon Isherwood
Boat Manufacturer 40ft Cougar
Engines 2 x 800hp Sterling Performance v8
  • Pitman Trucks
  • Euro Truck Spares
  • Priest Family Marine
  • Race Marine
  • Staples Pump Outs
  • V-Sport
  • Trucks & Toys



Engine builder           Malcolm Priest

Transport                  Mark Vaughan

Commissioned in 1989 by wealthy Finnish businessman JP Mattila, the ‘NOTAREAL’ Cougar first raced across Europe in 1990. That year it competed in the Monaco race that tragically took the life of Prince Stefano Casiraghi.

Built for rough water conditions, the Cougar saw little success in Europe and was purchased by Grahame Horne in New Zealand where it raced as Fleetlease.

In 1996 the Fleeetlease Cougar was involved in a horrific accident in Auckland harbor. The open cockpits were destroyed and the Cougar Hull was purchased by Tony Low and imported to Melbourne. Here, a new, safer canopy was added, as well as BPM drives and a rudder. The Cougar was back and racing as “Smorgan Steel” in 2004 an Escape hatch fell off post race, causing the boat to sink. The Cougar sat on the bottom of the Gold Coast seaway for 3 days before being salvaged and returned to Tony Low’s factory in Melbourne. Tony purchased the Ex Steve Searle Victory Cat and the Cougar was retired. Over time another canopy was fitted but the Cougar was never rigged. Circumstances saw the old hull parked up in a paddock in Braeside

Here it sat until 2014 when Mat Humphrey flew to Melbourne to Inspect the Victory Cat he was hoping to purchase. Sitting next to the Victory boat, was the neglected Cougar. This chance sighting began an 8-year passion project for Mat to restore and the old Cougar back to her former glory, with the dream of one day seeing her back racing again.

That time is now.

Mat would like to thank his sponsors and the Offshore Racing community across the world, for all the help and support they have given.

In particular;

Maritimo racing. Bill Barry Cotter, Tom Barry Cotter, Ross Willaton, Kurt Davis

222 racing. Peter (Muddy) McGrath. Mark Tolcher

Race Marine. Simon Isherwood

Priest Family Marine. Malcolm Priest

Briggs Engineering. Michael Briggs

Dave Pitman

The Gilbert Family

His wife Jeanan

All have sacrificed there own time to help make the Cougar roar again.

Thank you all.

Simon Isherwood


One of Australia’s most experienced offshore racers Simon brings over 30 years of Offshore racing to the team.

Owner of  ‘Race Marine’ he has built maintained and repaired some of Australia’s most successful race boats. Racing is not only his sport, it’s his business.

Simon has competed in almost every Offshore Class of with extraordinary success.

3 x Class 1 Australian Champion.

2 x Class 2 Australian Champion.

2 x Australian Supercat 600 Champion.

Up until the pandemic, Simon was racing in the American OPA Championships with MRT Offshore.

Simon has a strong history with the Cougar. He flew to Auckland to inspect the damaged ‘Fleetlease’ Cougar hull for Tony Low. He was instrumental in its transformation from open canopies to a safer, far more competitive race boat with a single cockpit and BMP drives and rudder. He raced the Cougar with Tony in 2004.

Simon is a Life Member of the Australian Offshore Powerboat Club.



Mat  Humphrey


2005 Australian Superboat Rookie of the Year Mat has made a name for him self as one of the Australian Offshore Powerboat Club most professional drivers.

With over 20 years of experience racing Sports Cars. He knows what it takes to win and understands the importance of a good sponsor relationship.

Mat has raced both Supercat 600 and the pinnacle of offshore racing in Australia, Class 1, Extreme.

In 2008 Mat teamed up with Simon to create there own race team and consequently became Australian Supercat 600 Champions.

In 2022 they team up again in the historic NOTAREAL Cougar

Maxwell Andrews



Son of Veteran River, racers of Rebecca and Stephen Andrews. Max’s childhood was spent in the shed with his Father learning how to build race engines and fiberglass boats. Then on weekends, he would watch his Mother Circuit race on the Hawkesbury.

Rebecca Andrews is a lifetime member of the UHPBC.


At 16 Max completed his first Bridge-to-Bridge Powerboat race winning the 5ltr class in a chev powered 17 foot Childsplay boat called “Ziffel”

This was the first of many more river races in various boats.

A fabricator by trade, Max has made bespoke parts for numerous race boats, Circuit, Hydro, & Offshore.

Max’s Passion for Powerboat racing got him involved in the Cougar restoration. He became an integral part of the team and we thought it was about time he tried ‘Offshore’.


Mat Humphrey & Max Andrews


Simon Isherwood