Special Edition

SuperSport 85
Base Mallacoota , Victoria
Driver/Trottles Mark Percherzewski
 Boat Coota Craft, 2 x Mercury 300r outboards
Sponsors https://cootacraft.com.au/

This is one polished outfit. A 93mph machine by Cootacraft, who have been active since 2018, and compete in the 85mph class.

Cootacraft are the reigning Sports 85 Champions for the last two years running! Mark Pecherzewski was actually thrown out of the boat at 81mph, and classes that as his favourite racing moment. Aims for 2023 include staying in the boat, and not crashing it. Humour runs thick and deep with this team, for we love the livery of this boat, and Mark merely says it is this way so he can get it wet.

A huge shout out to Roy Miller their Mechanic, and also ‘Everyone in the pits’, who Mark describes as his shore crew, by way of highlighting just how friendly they are.