SuperSport 65
Driver Andrew Pike
CoPilot Shannon Porter
Boat Manufacturer Millennium
Engines 225HP Mercury Pro Max

Slick 21 want to win the 2023 Sport65 Championship. Andrew Pike, and Shannon Porter (the Mrs) is the racing crew, with Brad Clarke the boatman, and Mr Snoop Dog (the Boss), head of the shore crew. A special shout out goes to Belinda Daisley for letting Brad be involved. You can tell instantly that this team love the excitement, stating, “I don’t have a favourite moment; every race is a good moment.”

The natives of Geelong love racing at their hometown, as it’s one of the most challenging courses, but also because it is great for the spectators to have a full view of the racing. The also love Newcastle because of the variety of large ocean swells and flat surfaces, which is also a real challenge.

Andrew got the taste back in 2006 at Geelong on board Grumpy Mongrel, and not long after that he found Slick, then jumped into the driver’s seat. Mark Swain was with him a lot over the last 15 years, until he too jumped into his own craft, Risky Racing.

That first Slick was written off in 2021 in a non-racing accident, but they have since brought a new Millennium powered by a Mercury 225hp Pro Max, and have been working hard to get it ready. They have not raced for two years, but have had their family boat in use on the course for officials.

It’s also special as it will Shannon’s first season racing. They will certainly do their sponsors, Pike Earthmoving, and AMAC Corrosion very proud throughout the year.